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Strathclyde vs Stevens


New Member
I have three offers so far:

1. Stevens Institute of Technology - MFE - 25k scholarship
2. University of Strathclyde - MSc Quantitative Finance (Department of Maths & Stats, Scholarship decision pending)
3. University of Strathclyde - MSc Financial Technology (Business School; Scholarship decision pending)

I am aware none of these are good courses but I was wondering which is the best pick of the lot. Looking at some older threads, the consensus seems to be that Starthclyde is not worth it. However, I also read somewhere they listened to feedback and redid the FinTech program. Does anyone know if/to what extent that is true?

I am currently thinking of going with Stevens because it has at least some positive reviews on QuantNet and the post-degree salaries appear to be higher. Strathclyde seems to be more prestigious university so I thought I would ask for second opinions.