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structured finance internship opportunity


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I got this in the mail:



About GSC Partners:

GSC Partners is a registered investment advisor with $14.7 billion of assets under management, as of June 30, 2006. The Firm specializes in credit-based alternative investment strategies including control distressed debt investing, corporate credit, European mezzanine lending and structured finance investing. GSC Partners is privately owned, has over 160 employees, is headquartered in New Jersey and has offices in New York, London and Los Angeles.

Structured Finance Group:

GSC Partners' Structured Finance team invests in a full range of ABS, CMBS and MBS securities, offering funds, Collaterized Debt Obligations and separate accounts tailored to the risk preferences of our investors. The underlying assets in our CDOs include asset and mortgage-backed securities, with our portfolio team adding value through credit selection, due diligence and their extensive knowledge of CDO structures. Our hedged strategies focus on investments in CDO equity, using carefully targeted short positions to reduce undesirable risk exposures. A relatively young, complex, and rapidly evolving sector, CDOs offer absolute value and capital structure arbitrage opportunities.

Job & Responsibilities:

The Structured Finance group (SFG) is looking for a full-time Intern starting immediately. The Intern will broadly help develop/maintain/improve SFG's quantitative analytical infrastructure. Possible projects include modeling CDO/ABS cash flows, analyzing new ABS Issues, building reports and other ad-hoc duties.


Only candidates with prior programming experienced will be considered. Please do not apply if you cannot program.

Candidate should be extremely detail oriented, hardworking & diligent. Prior experience working in the fixed income products and knowledge of structured finance securities and associated business processes will be an added advantage. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in developing applications using C#, MS SQL Sever, and Windows GUI design. Must have excellent communication skills and be a team player.

Technical Qualifications:

· C# and ADO.Net

· MS SQL Server (ability to write queries, stored procedures, etc)

· .NET environment

· Demonstrated client-server development experience Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and/or Design (OOD)


Please email a single page resume along with a brief cover letter to sfjobs@gscpartners.com with "Intern" in the subject line.
No phone call please.