Studying FE but Don't Want to be a Trader


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I am honestly fascinated by the core disciplines of FE, in which mathematical models are used to understand finance. However, I know that many FE graduates move on to be more of a supporting role/coding in sales and trading or even risk management.

I previously worked in corporate banking in a BB as a summer analyst, but I was unsatisfied with the lack of numbers on the job. However, I also really like to interact with clients in the front office. Are there any careers that can utilize my knowledge in FE but on a front office (non-trading) role? I guess I am not too passionate about the zero-sum game of instant trading. If I were to get on an investment side it would be more value investing, like Asset management.... I have been contemplating this for a long time. I really want to get a masters because I start working and due to my lack of experience, I won't be considering a MBA as well.

Do you guys know any others who went to Columbia FE for example and pursued a career that is neither risk management nor trading? Thank you so much.

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The likely career path would be something like... FE => quant role for a few years to develop product expertise => salesperson or consultant about that particular product. You can go straight into such a role, but I don't see that very often (could be a bias where few FEs want to do it).