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Stumped on what school i can/should apply for


Ive been looking at potential MFE's in the US but I'm unsure of which one's I should bother applying for and which one's I have a shot at applying for.

Degree: Finance BComm at a university in Ottawa, Ontario.
GPA (converted to 4.0): ~3.68
Reference letters: 2 very strong (well known professors), 2 decent (I've interacted with a lot)
Internship: 1 non relevant to finance
Projects: 2 projects using finance and python that I would say are quite unique
Coding Languages: Python (advanced), Java (Intermediate), C# (Intermediate), SQL (beginner)

Anyone have any advice on trying to get into a good school with my current background. Are there any schools that I have 0 shot of getting into?

Thanks in advance