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Submitting HW for Levels 1 and 2 prior to Enrolling

Hi Everyone,

I've done my best to look through other forum posts to see if this question has been addressed previously, though I had no luck finding anything sufficiently similar. I recently completed all the HW for Level 1, passed the quiz, and am now beginning on the HW for Level 2. That said, I am not currently enrolled in the course officially; however, I do plan to enroll by Wednesday of this coming week at the very latest. I wanted to see if there was a way for students in my position to have their homework evaluated so that upon enrolling in the course they can begin immediately at Level 3? I have seen a couple students recommending to do the first 2 levels prior to enrolling and thus I am wanting to get a little more clarity on what the official start to the course would like for students who have done so. I completely understand if having homework graded early for non-students presents complications.

Thank you in advance.
Hey Dexter,
Thank you for your interest in the course. Gotta applaud your effort to do the work in earnest.
At the moment, the DROPBOX where you submit your HW is only accessible to enrolled students.
That said, once you enroll, you will get instructions on how to properly format and submit your HW and you can do it right away and it will be graded pretty quickly.