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Summer 08 internship position at Citadel

FINANCE INTERNSHIP FOR PhD (ABD) in finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, operations research, computer science, physics or related fields with demonstrated ability to complete high-level, investments related research



We are hiring top Ph.D. level students for summer internship positions within our Global Portfolio Construction team.

Company Description

Since its founding in 1990, Citadel has grown into one of the world's most sophisticated alternative investment institutions. Our team of more than one thousand professionals is located in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We allocate our investment capital across a highly diversified set of proprietary investment strategies in nearly all major asset classes.

Since 1998, we have generated over $10 billion in net profits and currently deploy approximately $15 billion of investment capital around the world. The strength of our operation is further demonstrated by our S&P and Fitch investment grade ratings.

Citadel is building its organization for the long term, by attracting and retaining individuals from around the world with tremendous intellectual curiosity, innovative ideas and a relentless commitment to execution. Each day we bring together enormous amounts of intellectual capital from the fields of meteorology, medicine, research, trading and technology, all with the goal of solving problems.

We constantly seek new ways to expand our core businesses and to create new business lines. Consistent success requires the willingness to continuously build and develop our intellectual capital. When opportunities arise, we move quickly, decisively and with a major commitment of talent and capital.

We pride ourselves on the care we take in evaluating and hiring team members, both seasoned veterans and recent college graduates. We provide our people with the resources to develop to their fullest potential by embracing a culture of aspiration and excellence.

Duties and Responsibilities

Interns may be responsible for conducting research and analysis in the evaluation of securities utilizing fundamental, technical, statistical and/or quantitative methods to provide support for investment decisions. In addition, duties may include monitoring market, industry, product and pricing trends by providing technical and product support to portfolio managers and staff.


1. Solid graduate-level training

2. Previous exposure to a quantitative role within a trading environment is a plus

3. Strong coding skills (C/C++ a plus, but not required), familiarity with one or more statistical packages (e.g. Splus,MatLab or SAS) and exposure to one or more scripting languages (e.g. bash, PERL, etc.)

4. Strong mathematical and/or statistical modeling skills, both time-series and cross-sectional skills are highly valued

5. Comfortable in a complex, demanding and highly technical environment

6. Demonstrated empirical skill; comfortable with analysis of large datasets

7. Demonstrated interest in or knowledge of investments, especially derivatives, asset pricing, empirical anomalies and market micro-structure. Equities, fixed income and commodities expertise are all needed

8. Excellent English grammar, written and oral communication skills


1. ABD or Ph.D. in finance, economics, statistics, mathematics, operations research, computer science, physics or related fields with demonstrated ability to complete high-level, investments related research

To Apply

We invite you to apply via email. Please submit your resume/CV to Kate Nurczynski,
College Recruiter: kate.nurczynski@citadelgroup.com. Positions are available for summer 2008.


Quant Headhunter
Actually, that is a good point.
When I first came into banking, the people that ran large firms were very driven on acquiring and maintaining the best possible credit rating. Was quite normal,, sub-optimal, but normal.

We swung too much the other way, and no doubt will swing back again.


Rutgers MSMF Quantneter
if they only look for "top phD level" candidates, wouldn't it make it irrelevant to most of people on this forum as the majority of us are masters students??