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Sunday afternoon..

Bit of a fun thread here (I hope - please no debates over India versus China's schooling system, the decline of the US or whether the EU will collapse ;) )

It's Sunday afternoon and I have to work today. So if you can spend your Sunday afternoon doing something fun, what would be your choice.

For me, it would probably be sitting in a decent pub over in England (Brighton has some great places) with a Sunday Roast and a good pint of local ale or Scrumpy.

How about the rest of you?
beer you find in the UK pub

Not a fan of hand-pumped ale? I went to the English fish-and-chip shop down on Greenwich ave a few months back. It's well worth a visit if you can cope with your arteries crying in pain after ;)
I'm not that sophisticated when it comes to alcoholic beverages but a cold ale sounds refreshing during this weather.

I went on a vacation a few months ago and I wouldn't mind spending a few months in the Caribbeans by the pool that has a swim-up bar. I can connect to Quantnet and work while being poolside. Now, that's quality work-life balance right there ;)
Andy -- haha oh yes that sounds great. We were planning on heading to Peurto Rico this year for a bit of a beach holiday and a visit round the historical sites.
The bar in the pool scenario was most appealing. Unfortunately moving house put a a hold on it for the moment.

If you are a fan of hard cider, a cold pint of West Country Scrumpy, from England hits the spot in this heat.
Andy, yep PR is not too bad a flight it would seem. I hear Aruba is great and Bermuda. If you happen to be in PR at the same time as me, I will most def buy you a drink :)