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Temp Job Offer: Swaption Scenario Analysis Tool

Hi, my friend is a partner at a HF looking for a quant to develop a swaption scenario tool for them preferably in Excel (VBA).

Where: work-from-home

Who: Obviously need strong coding skills and quant background.

Pay: This is a single project; willing to pay by the hour or for the project.

Great to build up resume experience!

Please reach out to me directly if interested.

Start Date: Immediate.
You will need to show me an Excel/VBA tool you built yourself to prove that you can design a good looking Excel/VBA tool. User experience is critical.
I wish I had the time and swaption expertise, I build VBA's for co-workers all the time. Its always fun trying to build a clean, easy, and fool-proof tool and figuring out all the ways a user can mess things up. Good luck on the search.