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The 8th Annual Traders Expo New York


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I have attended this show since it's inception in NYC and it is a good idea for students to attend and sample the available software tools and listen to the presentations. Everyone should have some personal experience in trading which after all drives the financial industry.

Keep in mind this is a retail trader "sales" show and there are many slick people selling hope, hype, and pipe dreams.... The last couple of years the show was over run with retail FX and commodity shops. Try to attend the Fidelity presentations featuring Wealth-Lab which gets into back-testing software and systems trading. The people from Thinkorswim.com have the best options discussions and are always quite entertaining, and the Bright brothers from the prop trading world are quite honest. In my view, the best broker to visit is Interactive Brokers given that their platform handles equities, futures, options, and FX on an International level for very modest commissions and includes the use of the API for free.

Unfortunately, I'm away for that week and weekend but will try to get there on Monday or Tuesday to have a look.