The Master Happy Birthday thread


Older and Wiser

I'm sorry India didn't make it into the next round in the Cricket World Cup.
I thank you all for the wishes... I wish everyone of us have wonderful time and success in the program.

Nalin Aeron


Mathematics Student
Great man


I hope it is not too late. You are a great man. I hope to meet you one day.

Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!

Today is Jimmy's birthday. Happy birthday Jimmy and thanks for all that you have done for Baruch MFE and QuantNet!

Oh, and thanks for fetching our football and our frisbee.

Dear Jimmy, we want to say


Why you are special (I copied this idea from Bridgett :) )
  1. You are a great leader. QuantNetwork Club is nowhere near it is today without your leadership and hardword
  2. You make great speeches. The phoenix rises up from the ashes everytime you deliver one of your inspiring speeches.
  3. You have a special fist bump
  4. You attend all the events we have no matter how tight your schedule is
  5. And finally, you are special because you keep dropping the football and frisbee into the lake