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The Master Happy Birthday thread


Older and Wiser
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Today's is Cuba's revolution day so Castro or somebody in his family is giving a speech... probably in your honor :D
Happy Birthday!

This time last year we had cookies for your birthday, I clearly remember that :)

Best of luck!!!


yes, Vlad... I miss those awesome cookies... where are they, where are you? :-ss
Wish you the best of the best of the best of the best.... (and the story goes on and on and on and on...)\\:D/
As long as we Free Tibet too....
This is exactly why Quantnet has been blocked by China Firewall. The mere mention of that sensitive area will surely put us in the blacklist. :-k
Happy Birthday Vlad! Go buy yourself a hog and ride into the sunset!
Run, Vlad, run​


happy birthday,
shall we have a drink tomorrow evening then? :)
Ha, just notice your birthday is two days ahead of me. :)
Thank you all for your wishes . It is great to be your colleague - with or without cookies, hogs ... and for sure I will enjoy meeting you for a drink (or a refresher of a refresher class) any time. I will know tomorrow after 2pm if I can join the Friday Grand Saloon group. I have great memories from last summer and you guys are the principal actors.
I wish you all the best in life and your career and I will see you soon - no hog this year , maybe next year.