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The Master Happy Birthday thread

Thanks guys!
Max, did you hear what Woody said? :D
We shall continue the UNFINISHED business!
Others are welcome to join us to finish that 151! :sos:
A belated Happy Birthday! The phoenix shall rise from the ashes and we shall drink again in the spirit of merriment and friendship. Best wishes!
Thank you all for the wonderful wishes.

BTW, some of you had asked me about Adolfo <-> Luso
Well, the nick "Luso" sounds like a make up name; indeed it is a real word, but not a common word. :D

Let's meet up this Friday at the old place, Grand Saloon. Let's start from 6pm. I know some of you may get off from work late. But we will be waiting you there. :dance:
Maybe around 8pm we will go somewhere else for dinner.
How's that sound?
See ya
Happy birthday, Bridgett !

May your wishes come true. All the best !​