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The Master Happy Birthday thread

Happy birthday and have a great day!
Bonne Anniversaire Alain!
Feliz Cumpleanos Alain!
and in plain old english......HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALAIN !!!! :smt006 Hope you had a wonderful day.


Baruch MFE Director
Dear Alain,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It is a privilege to interact with a person as nice as you are. May all your dreams come true - and may you and everyone you love be blessed with perfect health!

Happy Birthday to Dr. Susan Ma (Oct 1st)

From all of us in the Baruch Quantnet family, we wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE !!! :smt113 :smt035 \:D/ :smt038 :smt034

Remember to share with us the big cake on Tues. We are just across the hall :) :smt113



Baruch MFE Director
Happy Birthday, Susan!!!

It is quite a family we have here, istn't it? :)

May all your dreams come true!
Belated birthday wishes for Dr. Ma.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future. :smt020

(Maybe we might be able to see Dr. Ma at our incoming gathering? :smt113 )


Baruch MFE Director


Happy Birthday, and all the best wishes of health and happiness!!! It is a real privilege to have you as a student, and a genuine pleasure to have met you.

Have a great, fun, and happy birthday! :smt113 :smt035

dstefan said:
Sorry, Andy, position taken :)
How about Treasurer of the Fan Club? \:D/
Geez, since when wanting to be Bob's biggest fan becomes so hard :wall . I'll be ok with Vice President position. Get in line guys.
Now that the President position of Bob Fan Club is already taken, I'll make myself President of Dan Fan Club.
Please don't tell me you already taken that position as well. It will break my heart. :smt010