The Master Happy Birthday thread

Hi Akino. I'm sorry, but since I lost that money to Vadim in poker, I cannot buy you that iPhone you wanted.
Thanks for confirming my fear of Russian poker players. Vadim can't hide his blush and still won all your money ? Whatever happens to poker face ?
Vadim either has mastered the art of poker face or Woody's poker skills just *****.
I'm glad didn't partake in the poker game at Hien's. I would had lost my lunch money to Vadim for the next few months.

I think you have a good chance getting that iPhone from Vadim.


Baruch MFE Director
Happy Birthday, Dmytro!!! May you and Yulia have a GREAT year, and enjoy the new life that awaits both of you!!!

Happy birthday, Dmitro!!!
I wish you and your family health and happiness.

The car is a present for you, along with Buratino and Chipolino. :D

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