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The Master Happy Birthday thread

Happy Birthday, Jacob!!

Happy birthday and all the best for your new baby :):band::drinkers::dance1::birthday::cheers:
You got it all Jacob. Happy birthday and enjoy everything.

how come Muting always gets to be the first to wish people happy bday? :-k

well, the corruption within QN can be discussed on another forum, but today - it's all about Jacob.
All the best, buddy; for better or worse, this is the year in which many of us will grow up ;)

Happy Birthday, Andy!

Andy, happy birthday!
Thank you for serving Quantnet for so long and giving us a warm home here :dance::dance:


Baruch MFE Director
Andy, you da man!!! :thumbsup::smt006:thumbsup:

Best wishes for a great, great year, and best of luck with everything that will be happening in your life!!!

I don't know you in person but I love the community you build here. Keep up the good work.
Happy birthday and best of luck in your future endeavors.