The Master Happy Birthday thread

Thanks everybody for the good wishes. I was offline for the long weekend, and just found this today. Big thanks.

A belated Happy Birthday, Andy! Your contribution to QuantNet really speaks for itself, thanks for all you do for this site.
And all good wishes for the coming year, with the baby on the way. :smt038

Hope you had a great celebration.
we say Andy = we mean QuantNet, and vice versa. and so much more.
Andy, all the best wishes, it's a pleasure and a privilege to work with you.

I don't know what pleasures Vladimir referred to. Must be some kind of shows I don't watch :-k

The reference is to a Russian modern poet and my namesake, Vladimir Vishnevskiy, who wrote, "Pleasures have to be expensive". Some other verses are "Don't vulgarize my love to you with your consent" and "Yes, I have cheated on you, but never - in my thoughts!"... I believe, however, that for non-russian speakers these verses have no sense/humor to it, especially after my modest translation :)

Wish you a lot of happy moments, Andy.
If life was a continuous function of time, and the happiness was the area under it's curve, then, given all the constrains, I would wish you to draw your curve in such a way that your happiness is maximum possible. :smt041

I'm sorry India didn't make it into the next round in the Cricket World Cup.

Happy B'day Nalin!

Yeah but we did defeat World No 1 Australia in One day Series down under.That counts for something!
And with the series with South Africa starting tomorrow you never know :)
Australia and South Africa routed...hmm not bad!