The Phd Dilemma


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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the Forum and I am facing a dilemma :

Next year I am starting the French MFE program Laure Elie, and at the end of the year I will have to choose whether or not to pursue my studies ( to get a Phd) or to work ( quant or trader ).
I am and have always been interested in maths (and managed to get good results too), but I am not yet sure where I want to work. So I have two questions :

1- I know that I can land a quant position with my Masters degree ( Alumni network, not presumption), but is a 3 to 5 year phd give me an advantage ( financially and in terms of responsibility) when trying to find a job? ( This may be a recurrent question, Sorry )

2- What are the best phd programs in the US, UK and how do they accept international Students ( criteria, grades, maybe papers?, deadlines)

I am not French but Moroccan (for the second question), and I thank you for this Forum and your answers.

PS : For those of you who don't know the MFE Laure Elie, it is mostly a lot of math theory and some applications in the finance sector.