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The young and the lazy

Interesting stuff. Being myself in my early twenties I feel there's some truth to it, we're overstimulated with an attention spans shorter than a high-frequency prop shop's latency.

This said, as much as my father is convinced my generation is filled with self-entitled sloths, I'm under the impression his father thought the same of his generation, and his father's father the same, etc.
In response to P5 - How is doing something for free because of potentially high future profit unethical? The kid just didn't want to take the risk.

While I think this article might be picking on the current generation when every older generation typically says something similar about the younger one, there is a lot that is relevant in this argument. You see it continually with people who angrily defend internet piracy or anti business attitudes.

Fortunately, these entitled attitudes punish those who hold them severely. Kind of like survival of the most fit attitude.
I recently had a twenty-three-year old girl email a writing submission for my idiotic site Street Boners and TV Carnage. There was a grammatical mistake in the first sentence, so I stopped reading right there and emailed her that she needs to go back to the drawing board before submitting a post. Her next email said, “I’m showing you two more stories I’ve written, and if you’re still thinking about giving me a chance, read them. I’ve also make a reluctant decision to attach 2 photos of my tits and ass.” Attached were two naked photos. Practice makes perfect, but why bother when you have perfect tits?

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I remember watching an entire episode one day on TV, they had focused college students in Britain doing escort work. When interviewed they said that it gives them more time to focus on their studies, they much rather prostitute themselves than work at a cafeteria.
In response to P5 - How is doing something for free because of potentially high future profit unethical? The kid just didn't want to take the risk.

Asking someone else is to do the real work for you for free is. I don't see any problem if people are different and not all of them are willing to take a high risk-high reward position. Moreover, the p.5 and author's view reminds me some clients from this hillarious video.


Yike Lu

Finder of biased coins.
It's only hilarious because it's filmed in situations where the power dynamic is inverted from what it would be, i.e. it's social mis-calibration. In these situations, the vendor clearly has the power. It wouldn't be so funny if the client actually had the power to make these kinds of demands, and in many cases clients do have the power.

I have no idea why ethics enters into the discussion at all. It is an exchange of value, the person doing the work has the choice to take the trade or not, nobody is forcing him into it. It might be unreasonable to ask him to do it with no contractual protection, but that has nothing to do with ethics either. The potential employee could have made reasonable demands that if they got the client, that he would have to be on the team with so and so pay rate, but instead he says "That's not ethical"?