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This Made me LOL

1). Q) Why was the FX quant so unlucky with the ladies?
A) Because he always kept his dates short.

2). Q) Why do quants always have the best gardens?
A) Because they spend time so much time working on their trees and hedging!

3) Q) Why are quants so lucky?
A) Because they get to work with models all day.

4) Q) Why do quants never get ripped off in Bangkok?
A) Because they are experts in pricing exotics.

5) Q) Why did one quant say hush to the other?
A) Because he was working on the library!

6) Q) Why are quants always happy?
A) Because they are always working on their smiles.

7) Q) Who is a quant's favourite actor?
A) Heston

8) Q) Why was the quant willing to sell his own mother?
A) Because he figured out relative value!