top 20, US citizen, 166Q, retake gre? CMU apps due on Dec10

Hi guys, I'm currently a math major at a top 20. My gpa is 3.5, a US Citizen, and took the GRE and got a 166Q (161V). I got one S&T internship and research experience (posters and such). I feel like I could've done a lot better, but it is what it is. CMU MSCF Round 1 app is due soon, and I cannot take the GRE for 21 days, which is enough time to apply to other programs with a theoretically better score. Should I just submit a round 1 app with a 166Q or retake and submit for round 2? In addition, do round 1 schools take the majority of the seats?
Depends on your ambitions - if you want to be considered for Princeton, for example, retake would be in order. Only 20-25 students, they won't really take a hit to their avg score that well.

This is an older thread - so @PongoShib - what did you decide?