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Top Mathematical Finance/Quant Programs In UK That Are Target Schools For Top Quant HFs Or Prop Shops?

Which UK quant program would you prefer? Goal is to work at quant HF/Prop Trading

  • London School of Economics(LSE) MSc Financial Mathematics

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  • University College London(UCL) MSc Financial Mathematics

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  • Cambridge Master of Finance

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1. What are the top 10 Mathematical Finance programs (or other Masters programs) in the UK, which are target schools for quant hedge funds and prop trading firms?
2. Is it true that the UK doesn't have a significant number of quantitative hedge funds or prop trading firms?
3. Are there any issues that you would want to warn me about, if I plan on pursuing an MSc in Mathematical Finance to get into quant funds/prop shops in the UK?

I am not applying to the US because of the H1B lottery uncertainty and applying to the UK because of its upcoming 2 year post study work visa.
Hi there,
I can add for 1) that part III at Cambridge is target though it is not a mathematical finance program. Statistical Science at Oxford and Statistics at Imperial are also worth consideration for prop shops