Toulouse school of Economic

Hi guys!
My friend stands the chance to study in Master Financial Markets and Intermediaries

in TSE. It ranks 20 in economic (sounds good!)

It is similar to MFE, but I don't know clearly what is the relationship.
And, what field can she research after graduated ?
She studied applied maths in undergrad and wants to study in maths at the doctoral level.

Any one gives me some hints?


French Student
Is it really similar to an MFE ? They don't seem to have a lot of maths courses. It looks like a MSc in Economics to me.
Uhm, sorry. They said that it could be propriate to Doctoral students in Financial Engineering not MFE.
Her network in economic is almost zero, so that it isn't good for her ?
Can you evaluate this program? Truly, I am impressed by its ranking.
Exactly, she wants to study in math finance. She also intends to enter industry but her network is bad.
'' Should I accept risks to take the chance?" she asked me. Is she able to have a job without relations in industry?


French Student
I think that the problem here is not really her network but the diploma that she needs to enter the industry. I know someone who didn't have any relations and managed to get an internship at Societe Generale. I have a friend working at BNP Paribas too.
If she wants to study maths finance later, the best way to do it is to apply to a Maths/Finance master. Without it, it will be really difficult for her to enter a PhD program in this field, especially if she finally lacks mathematical skills.
Thanks for your responds. And what about opportunities in Phd program in the finance ?
A master diploma in probability is perhap more suitable to her,
but studying probability or statistic in France is seem to be not good.
Can you suggest some prominent programs in finance in France?
And, I suppose that the program is in financial field? but provided by Economical school.