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Trading Jobs. Entry Level and Summer Internships

We are a small quant trading firm in Chicago that is looking to hire great people. We do a lot of StatArb/Market Making type trading. We create a lot of models and trade off of these. Currently we mainly trade commodities and interest rate futures as well as cash. We are trying to expand as quickly as possible but finding the right people is tough. Just having high test scores/gpa isn't enough.

Ideally the person would have a strong math background MFE (obviously great) but strong undergrad math skills from a quality school are good as well. You would start off as a trading assistant with the expectation that you will at some point take over that trade. Usually the senior trader moves on to expand the business elsewhere.

We are looking for Trading Assistant and Summer Interns. If you are interested please send a cover letter and resume to futurestradingjob@gmail.com with quantnet.com in the subject line somewhere.
If we have interest we will contact you for an interview.

Please tell us more about yourself. Tell us who your organization is, where you are located, what your website is, etc. The more, the merrier. Thanks!