Trading Strategy Competition at Penn State


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center

Penn State Trading Strategy Competition

An equity trading competition that tests your ability to develop successful automated trading strategies with multiple securities and varying time horizons
Competition Dates: March 24 - April 14
Registration Deadline: March 23
Penn State’s 2010 Trading Strategy Competition provides you with the opportunity to test your skills at developing profitable trading strategies. You will gain exposure to the financial markets and technology, while competing against peers for cash prizes. No experience in trading is needed to participate. This competition is open to all students currently registered at a university.
The Competition

This competition requires you to construct automated trading strategies that you will then submit to execute trades in real time. No experience is needed to build strategies. A quick overview of how to develop trading strategies is available on the strategy development page.
You will be assigned three securities to buid trading strategies (SPY, USO, and FXE). Once you develop and submit your strategies, they will "run live" from market open on Wednesday March 24 until the end of the competition on April 14. During that time you will not be required to submit any additional information until the end of the competition. You will however be able to alter any of your strategies anytime until the end of the competition. See the "Competition Details" for dates, securities, and other important information.
This competition is being held in conjunction with TradeStation Group. You will be given free access to TradeStation’s platform for strategy testing and trading. TradeStation’s platform allows you to develop, backtest, and optimize various trading strategies using a simple point and click approach. You can also use TradeStation to program more advanced and customized strategies if you’d like. Once you select a strategy using TradeStation you will upload it to us and see how it works. You will be able to download TradeStation’s software to your own computer or access it in the Smeal Trading Room. View more information about the trading room.

Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to the top finishers through the generosity of PNC Bank and the Market Technicians Association Educational Foundation.
First Place - $500
Second Place - $300
Third Place - $200
"Competition Details" has more information on scoring.