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Transitioning from Tech to Quant

Hi, I currently study mathematics and computer science (bachelors) at Imperial College London, and due to start my job as a technology graduate in UBS next year.
However, it is my ultimate dream to become a quant, (the money, and pure tech is honestly too boring). So what I'm planning to do is to work for a couple of years, save some money then do a masters in financial enginnering(the fee is too high, can't afford to go straight into a masters).
Do you guys have any advice, on what sort of work/exposure I should try to get myself as a technology graduate at UBS to better prepare myself for the transition? Since it is quite flexible in terms of the teams/rotations that I will be on.
get to job, learn about the business and figure out how things work. Maybe you change your mind later on.

"(money, and pure tech is honestly too boring)", this just tells me you don't have enough experience. Get some experience and you can decide later. That option is always in your hands.
Try to get a trading desk-facing developer position. That is the closest you will get to quant in IT at a bank.

Don't end up in production support, bullshit project management, or back office/middle office tech jobs!