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UC Berkeley MFE

Hey all,

I am yet to take the GRE, and I am wondering about UC Berkeley's program. Here is my situation:

Math/Econ Major GPA: just over 3.0 (nearly all UD courses)
5 years of programming experience, including 2 years with two different asset managers, and 3.5 total in finance
C++ and Microsoft Certified Developer certifications
Passed CFA lvl 2

I know my GPA (from over 5 years ago) is low, would I have a reasonable shot to get into this program with a high quant GRE score (not sure how much the verbal sections matter) ? Maybe it would be tough with even a perfect quant GRE score?

Any insight would be great, thanks guys.
It will be tough even if you get a 170 in the GRE. The GRE is a 4 hour test, your GPA is a cumulative measure over 4 years.
Just want to add, the GPA would be over 2 years since I was a transfer. I know that would probably make things worse, just saying.
I think a high quant score in GRE is far from enough since a large number of applicants get 170. I would suggest you get an edge via your professional experience.