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UCB Conditional admit

Hi folks,
I received admit from UCB few days back and they asked me to raise GRE quantitative section score above 90th percentile. My score is 89th percentile and still being asked to do so.
Does anyone know how strict are they about the score in particular? Has anyone ever been denied admission because of score less than 90th percentile?

I retook GRE but got the same score again and it would be most 89th percentile again.

P.S. - I received a link to pay $3.5k for blocking the seat. I'm worried what would happen in the event if I pay the fee and unable to get score in the 90th percentile.
I don't know how strict they are regarding the GRE scores but they do mention they reserve the right to revoke admission if any of the pre-requisites are not completed. The GRE would be a component of this and I wouldn't take a chance of not meeting their requirements.
It's better to double check with the admissions team, tell them your situation and gauge how strongly they feel about the GRE quant score.
Yeah, I have the same thing to do, I have to take my gre score to the 90th percentile, anyone knows if this may be a dealbreaker or if in the past has happened?