UCB Hold Status Advice URGENT


I received a HOLD without guarantee from UCB back in September. They gave me a conditions list to complete and one of the conditions was to score 90th percentile on my GRE/GMAT. For reference my GRE score is 163V, 165Q, 4.5AWA. I am going to retake the GRE soon, but along with that I have to now register for the MFE pre-program courses that UCB offers. These courses cost a lot. I have almost completed the other courses that they have asked me to do. Considering I do score the 90th percentile score on the GRE, what are my chances of getting into the program?
I guess if 10~15 admitted students decide to decline or defer the admission, and all the people on waitlist decide to decline the admission, then you will have the chance to compete with other people with hold status. So I think the chance <1%.