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UCB MFE UCB MFE (2021 Spring) Round 1 Decision Date Extended?

Hi all, I submitted my UCB MFE application in round 1. And I just finished my interview today. But its website indicates the decision date for round 1 is March 6, 2020. So, has UCB extended its round 1 decision date? Or does this mean that I am put on the waitlist? Or am I somehow considered to be a round-2 applicant?

Thank you in advance~
Hi All. I submitted my UCB MFE application (05/31/2020) for round 3. When should I expect to get an interview call if my profile is shortlisted?
There is no second round. Your 2 minute uploaded video in your application is kind of your first round. It assess your communication skills. The second round assess your technical skills.