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UCB MFE UCB MFE Conditional Offer

Hi all,

I've just received a conditional offer from UCB MFE for Spring 2022 Program with a preparation list to complete prior to 1st November. While this list will help me best prepare for the program, and I'm thrilled to work on it as soon as possible, I wonder when it is safe to let my current employer know about the update and leave the current full-time job?

Another question for UCB's current students & alumni: how did you use the few months before the program starts? Did you take time off to review the knowledge/ do industry projects/ just rest?
In the same boat as you. The program schedules regular 'coffee chats' with Alumni, which could be a good platform for your queries.
I just received my admit letter today! I quit my job back in May to attend Georgia Tech's QCF program. If you are confident of completing the prerequisites while balancing work,I think you can quit a month or two before the program to get ready for it. I personally,am not going back to a full time job and will search for an off cycle internship.
I also had a follow up question regarding the prerequisites,I have CFA level 1 on my checklist. The earliest date I can register for is the Feb 2022 attempt. That means the exam results would only be released after classes start. There's also the uncertainty of not being able to pass the exam. I was wondering what UCB takes into account? Is it enough that was prepare and write it or is it a must that we pass? I have emailed the admissions committee and am waiting for their reply. I also have to make a decision between UCB and GaTech based on this and would really appreciate the help!
Hi guys,
Congratulations on receiving offers from Berkley. You probably would be about to start your MFE at Haas.

I had a question regarding the pre-program courses offered by Berkley.
Are these courses compulsory for all the MFE offer holders? With Quantnet C++ or Python certificates, can we get an exemption on the pre-program courses?