UCB - MFE, is it worth?

Hello Everyone,

These days I almost got a headache because of UCB - MFE, specifically whether I should pursued the degree. I was thinking about MFE for some time and was pretty determined that I want to do it. However...some background... I did my undergrad in Economics (minor Aviation Management). After undergrad I immediately applied for MBA with emphasis in Finance (not Tier 1 University though - SFSU). To be honest, I do regret that I did Economics for my undergrad and not more advanced quant program. I have solid Math skills: I took Linear Algebra, Math Analysis, Econometrics, and Statistics. I am good with Math and ready to take prereqs that are still required (e.g. Numerical Analysis) for MFE. However, I need to work on my programming skills as I have beginner level in R and Python. Thus, I was thinking to apply at least in two-three years from now. Currently I work as Fin Associate at one Biotech company (Corp Finance). My pay is great, however corp finance is not exactly what I want to do. I am more interested in Equity, Valuations, or even Trading. MFE at Berkeley was my dream even when I was enrolled in my MBA program. So right now I consider two paths:
1) forget about MFE, start working on CFA designation and eventually try to move from Corp Finance.
2) do all Math prereqs, get experience in Python and Machine Learning and apply for MFE.
UCB-MFE is expensive program. As I need to take some Math prereqs and advance my programming skills, I would need to dedicate a lot of time and energy. I just want to understand whether this program will be beneficial for me. I consider MFE only at UCB. I have heard really positive feedback on the program, but I am extremely conflicted. I am also worried whether I will be able to compete with folks with Math and CS majors.

I am so sorry for such long question! any comments/suggestions would be highly appreciated :)