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UCB MFE UCB MFE Round 1 Applications Spring 2019

Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by Arijit, 2/8/18.

  1. Arijit

    Arijit New Member

    Has anyone received the interview invite for Round 1 applications for Spring 2019?
  2. Tatiana

    Tatiana New Member
      C++ Certified

    Not yet :(
  3. nothing as of now
  4. pushkark

    pushkark New Member

    Hi Guys,
    Any of you has an idea what kind of questions are asked in UCB interviews? I have not received an interview yet, but just checking to know beforehand
  5. As per their website the interview has absolutely no bearing on the results outcome. They do tend to ask technical questions, but that should be to only judge your knowledge and suggest you pre joining courses.
  6. Max Lamberti

    Max Lamberti New Member

    Nothing on my end yet. Although looking at last year's threads it seems that invites ought to be sent out soon.

    If anyone is interested in doing a mock skype interview shoot me a message or post on my profile and I'll get in touch.

      C++ Certified

    are these interviews for selected individuals only or for all who apply
  8. hi guys, does anyone know if they have started sending out interview invites?
  9. Tatiana

    Tatiana New Member
      C++ Certified

    Looks like they haven't
  10. pushkark

    pushkark New Member

    Just saw a guy post on tracker that he interviewed with UCB. Anyone here on the thread received an invite?
  11. Max Lamberti

    Max Lamberti New Member

    I received an invite for Monday. It's with an Alumni.

    The day before I got the invite the admissions team asked me to send additional documents I didn't provide in my application (course certificates). So I could imagine that since they already had my file open for administrative purposes they went ahead and scheduled the interview. I don't believe all interview invites have been sent out yet (last year most round 1 trackers got an interview).
  12. Tatiana

    Tatiana New Member
      C++ Certified

    Has anyone else received invite?
  13. hey, how was your interview? What was it primarily about?
  14. uofc

    uofc New Member

    how do they send out invites? calls or emails?
  15. Max Lamberti

    Max Lamberti New Member

    It should be email, although I've seen one person in past threads who claims he/she was cold called by Linda for the second interview.

    It went OK I think, thanks for asking. Basically it was a half hour long technical interview covering basic probability, finance, regression, time series analysis and programming. It was very relaxed in the sense that the interviewer made sure I would only answer the questions and topics I felt comfortable answering. Concerning the programming part, the interviewer first asked me about my proficiency in all my languages and then proceeded to focus on my strongest one (python).
    #15 Max Lamberti, 2/25/18
    Last edited: 2/25/18
  16. Vikrant Dhall

    Vikrant Dhall New Member

    Hey guys!

    Has anyone got any info by when interview invites are expected?
  17. Normally they come after a month of deadline. But no concrete info for this year yet.
  18. Xiruo Li

    Xiruo Li Member
      C++ Certified

    I got the interview on next Tuesday. I feel nervous about technical questions..
    #18 Xiruo Li, 3/2/18
    Last edited: 3/2/18
  19. MarcManzo

    MarcManzo New Member

    Apparently candidates that are waitlist with guarantee for 2019 are being interviewed at the moment.
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  20. cu_

    cu_ New Member

    Are interviews required for admission?
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