UCB MFE UCB MFE Round 1 Applications Spring 2019


Round 1 guys, congrats who all got in.

Can I check the below please?

1. Interview were technical? What sort of topics?

2. From the tracker it seems like most people who are interviewed make it through.


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I don't think everyone who interviews got selected. The tracker says the number of accepted vs waitlisted are actually split for Round 1.

That is, assuming that those who've been waitlisted were actually interviewed. Could @Manav Mehra or @Blossom confirm if they were interviewed? Or waitlisted without interview?

Just curious @Geekynoob - How was your interview? And what would you do if you got a waitlist from UCB? Would you just go for UChicago/Columbia this year?

In a similar boat here...


It was okayish. If get wait listed, then will choose Chicago. Can't wait for UCB result till end of the year!


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It went OK I think, thanks for asking. Basically it was a half hour long technical interview covering basic probability, finance, regression, time series analysis and programming. It was very relaxed in the sense that the interviewer made sure I would only answer the questions and topics I felt comfortable answering. Concerning the programming part, the interviewer first asked me about my proficiency in all my languages and then proceeded to focus on my strongest one (python).

Hey, it's great to know that you interview went well! I was just wondering how important time series is for the application to UCB MFE since the list of prerequisite courses on the Berkeley MFE website doesn't enforce knowing this. Good luck on hearing back on your application!


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Nothing on my end yet. Although looking at last year's threads it seems that invites ought to be sent out soon.

If anyone is interested in doing a mock skype interview shoot me a message or post on my profile and I'll get in touch.
Hey Max! I’ll be giving my interview soon for the spring 2021 batch, could you help out with understanding what sort of topics I’ll have to peruse through in order to be thoroughly prepared for the interview?

You did mention they asked basic concepts in stats, probability, time series and programming. Could you provide more granularity on the concepts I could brush up on? Would appreciate any advice!