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UCB MFE Round 2 Application 2019

Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by Geekynoob, 4/26/18.

  1. Geekynoob

    Geekynoob Member

    Anyone received interview invites?
  2. YMster

    YMster New Member

    There are two interview updates on the Tracker. Anyone knows how many rounds of interview are there this year?

  3. Geekynoob

    Geekynoob Member

    One round
  4. YMster

    YMster New Member

    I know there is only one interview for R1 this year, but is there one interview for R2 as well?
  5. Geekynoob

    Geekynoob Member

    Yes. I was interviewed in Round 2
  6. YMster

    YMster New Member

    Ic. How do you there is no second interview?
  7. YMster

    YMster New Member

    Sry about the typo. I mean, how do you know there is no second interview?
  8. Cowstar

    Cowstar New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have been admitted after two technical interviews

  9. RahulRaj

    RahulRaj New Member

    Congrats to those who got admitted. Any comments on what is the "application is being held for further consideration" status. I assume this is hold and how is this different than waitlist. Does a "hold" status have a chance to get admission? Please advise wonderful ppl ... Kinda sad with the result.
  10. RahulRaj

    RahulRaj New Member

    Guys any comments on the "hold" status of UCB Haas? Is it really worth the time and money to put in those "conditions" courses. It would easily shell out a fortune for a person of humble means.
  11. anonymousUsr

    anonymousUsr New Member

    Hi RahulRaj,

    In short, "hold" is a UCB way of saying "reject". UCB maintains a pool of "hold" candidate in case they have space left at the end of the admission cycle. (very unlikely to happen). Also working on conditions has no impact on the admission result. Many UCB candidates get admitted/enrolled regardless they have completed the "conditions" or not.

    also please be advised, UCB admission staffs read quantnet threads. I saw them posting replies. Don't say something you don't want they to know.

    Good luck!
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