Which one

  • Berkeley MFE

    Votes: 31 50.8%
  • Columbia MSFE

    Votes: 30 49.2%

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I have an admission offer from Columbia Financial Engineering program at this moment and am waiting for the UCB to answer before the Columbia payment deadline. Considering that I, probably, won't have much time after I get the decision I would like to understand which program is better in my case.
I have bachelor's and master's degrees in Economics in a little country in Caucasus with GPAs 3.8-3.9. I also have three years of job experience as a Financial Broker(I am still 24 though ), 2 levels of CFA cleared. I have a decent knowledge and experience with Python and R(including also ML and DL ) and good knowledge of maths with up to Calc 3, Stochastic processes, Statistics, ODE.
If I understand right from previous threads that are pretty old, the main advantage of UCB was career placement. However, I'm afraid that with bigger cohort size in last years, there might be a downgrade in this process. While on the other side Columbia MFE has more rigorous and industry oriented curriculum with not bad at all career services.
Will appreciate any help, especially from current students and alumni of these programs.
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I applied fir UCB last year too and was waitlisted after I was interviewed twice. So, probably, I'll get the decision without an interview this time.
Actually, voting didn't make it any easier.
If you can, please elaborate a little about the reasons why you choose one or the other.
Berkeley has a much better careers service (from what ive heard) and so placement and starting salaries are slightly better. Columbia benefits from being in NYC. Both are fantastic but I would go with Berkeley