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COMPARE UChicago MSFM vs Columbia MFEngg in 2021 (for ML focused career)

Which program is better for a career in DS and ML centric Quant Research?

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I am an undergraduate BSc Data Science student and MFE program candidate aspiring to be involved in Data Science and Machine Learning based Quant Research.

I have been offered a place at the UChicago MSFM program with a 35% scholarship along with a few other offers from lower-ranked programs (GATech QCF, Rutgers MQF). It may seem like I'm jumping the gun as I haven't been accepted to the Columbia MFEngg program as yet, but with the deposit deadline for the UChicago MSFM program approaching soon, I may not have sufficient time to compare the benefits of both programs for my career before having to make the deposit at UChicago, which I am not in a position to forfeit.

I wish to take classes on the application of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and the likes in the quant finance sector. In this regard, UChicago offers only two courses on ML and DL while the Machine Learning concentration at Columbia offers a few more (4-5) courses in the discipline.

I request alumni, current students as well as co-applicants to shed some light on which program would be a better choice - should I get accepted to Columbia - for the career path I wish to pursue. Any relevant advice and information will be appreciated.