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Diego Calderon

Grad Student
AMANE :: I would take it again, you know you could do better than that...do you really want to even try with this type of score? it's a waste of everyone's time


Active Member
Andy Nguyen :: this is something us Los Angeleans are used to, east coast companies would rather take NYU, Baruch, Columbia, or CMU grads over someone from the West coast ("unknown territory where the sun rots your brain")...honestly though, there are plenty of opportunities on the west coast. We're fighting mostly each other for those west coast jobs.
wow thats great to hear! as I am goin to study der :D

This may be a naive question, but how would you compare the jobs on west coast VS NYC..in terms of what they are doing.
A lot of people seem to think there is a lag between NYC and the rest of the world.


New Member
hi lin, can u please tell me when was ur interview and when did u get the final admission offer.

Diego Calderon

Grad Student
Lin :: not a "naive question" just a hard question to answer! I would say that if you are to look at big banks with big presences on the West coast, they are generally West coast companies, eg, Wells Fargo, PIMCO, Blackrock, Wedbush, etc.

You DO find east coast companies on the west coast, but they are most surely 'satellite offices'...the east coast has time on its side. The west coast is at the end of the day...this always puts the west coast at a disadvantage.

Remember though, when someone says "LA" they could be referencing anything from Santa Barbara to San Diego, that's a huuuuge market and there's a lot of money to be made in Cali...that is, if Los Angeles doesn't default first ;)


hi amane,can the admit result be realeased before sep 30?i applied in round 3 and waiting for result?what abt u


Anyone heard from UCLA for Round 3 admits ? I am still waiting , was informed that would hear in early September..


Nope, not applied as yet ... Waiting for this decision .... And i dont knw anyone else ... I am totally banking on replies on Quantnet .. Thats it ... BTW , whats ur profile...