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Hey so I just got an interview with UCLA MFE. Has anyone had any experience with them? Does anyone have tips on how to prepare for MFE interviews in general? This is my first interview so I'm really nervous. What should I do to prepare?

Yan He

My only interview for school experience is with Baruch MFE. As to my understanding, the purpose of the interview is not to drive you nut :), but to get more "soft" calibre from you during the conversation: personality, communication, your way of thinking etc. If there any "technical" question, I think should be very basic ones, like very basic math or stat you supposed to know as you claimed in your Personal Statement in your application.

The link Andy posted here has some detailed discussion, speficically about UCLA MFE program, you can get some information there. And I believe anyone here have the experience would like to share too.

If I were you, I will be just relaxed and be myself. Good luck.:)


As with any interview, be honest, be yourself, and don't try to give answers that you think they want to hear. I've done lots of interviews (on the other side) and you can always tell when someone's not telling the whole truth and that usually leads me to dig into that question.