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anyone heard anything back from them? Is their deadline for admission result March 31st?

Weiwei Gu

New Member
Result should come no later than March 31, as their own word.
Now it is 12:10 pm California Time.
Are they going to issue at the very end of day.
We will see.


waitlist as well. I guess they send out all waitlist at last minute before the deadline.

Ahmed Hawas

New Member
Admitted :) Was so lucky I guess. Now I have to decide where to go, UCLA FE, UIUC FE, Cornell OR or Columbia OR? Guys, would you please share your opinion? Thanks.
Is there anyone else except me who didn't receive the decision mail?
I was interviewed on 26th.

Highly confused and nervous now.
Exactly the same here. Same interview date and no response till now.
The only reason I could think of is that it is just been 2-3 working days since our interview. So probably they need couple of more days to decide..
Lets see.. All the best


New Member
C++ Student
I got wait listed as well, because of a lack of a strong math background