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UCLA MFE vs Rutgers MQF

Which one is better ?

  • Rutgers MQF


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Hey guys!

Got admitted into these programs. I'm legit confused.


UCLA MFE is associated with UCLA MBA 'Anderson' name. Hence has a reputation. But the MFE program doesn't share strong career services with that of the MBA program. You're pretty much on your own. On speaking with a recent UCLA MFE, I came to know that many people had moved from West to East coast after the completion of the course to be able to find a job since West coast wasn't working out. Since many companies refuse to interview you cuz you're far and they will have to reimburse you with everything. NYC proximity gives you a higher chance of face to face interview without any hassles. Excellent faculty. Beautiful campus. Costs a bomb.

Rutgers MQF:

Half hour from wall street. People majorly get into big investment banks. May not be an ideal role, but they have a chance. the advantage is here its 1.5 years course can be extended to 2 years in case you don't find a job, you will have an extra few months before your visa gets out of status. Much cheaper. Faculty is moderate. I am yet to learn about their career services, will speak to someone, which I think is super critical. Any ideas here?

Any suggestions on something in missed is highly appreciated. It would really help me make an informed decision.

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