COMPARE UCLA MFE vs U Chicago MSFM (35% Scholarship)

UCLA MFE vs UChicago MSFM (35% Scholarship)


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I got admits from UCLA MFE and UChicago MSFM (with 35% scholarship). Please help me decide between the two programs. Below is my background.

Engineering Graduate from a Tier 1 College in India (Not in Computer Science) with a minor degree in Finance.​
I have already cleared CFA L1 and will clear (hopefully) CFA L2 by the time I join in Fall 2021.​
2 years of work experience as a quantitative analyst in the Risk Management division for Credit Suisse. The work was mostly related to regression models and the use of econometrics.​

Average coding skills (I am working on improving this before the start of the program)​

Strong Finance and statistics knowledge.​
Mention a few lines about what you wish or not wish to do post graduation and that will help others to guide you better. For example: if you are looking for trading roles, the MSFM is no brainer.
Sure, I have worked a bit on financial models and I found model/ strategy development to be interesting. I don't have any exposure to quant research or quant trading. But, I would love to work in those areas. If buy side doesn't work out, I am fine with some quant role in IBs.

I don't want to work as a data scientist in banks or IT companies.
I totally agree with @EverythingPOINT, if you want to work as a Quant Trader, Chicago is the better option. Else it is 50-50.
You should also consider that Chicago MSFM program in under their Physical Sciences dept. where as the UCLA FE program is in their business school. Based on my research a few folks from UCLA do go for non quant roles.
I think if you are sure about Quant, you can go for UChicago(given that you have secured a scholarship as well) and if you wish to explore other non-quant areas, UCLA might be a better fit.