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UIUC-MS Finance

Dear members

Can you please evaluate the Masters in Finance program at UIUC. I have got admit decision there and I want to know about the placement scenario there.

Also can you compare MS Finance program at Boston College and at UIUC??
I guess you are confusing between their newly introduced MFE program and their pretty old MS finance program. I had applied to the latter....

Again please help me get info about the program.. any help would be highly appreciated..



I too have an admit from UIUC and wanted to know if a recommendation for admission by the department means an admit? The email from the MSF department reads that the graduate college needs to confirm the admission via email. Is this is a formality or is there any further evaluation?




Market Crises= Gray Hair
Overall, Illinois has an extremely strong engineering college. In finance, it's considered a strong state school but not a top-tier "target" school for recruiting at investment banks.

It's a new program, but UIUC would probably be my next choice if I didn't get into a top-10 or target program. A lot of engineering and finance graduates from Illinois tend to land at Chicago prop shops and market-making operations, so UIUC defintely has a decent placement record.

Remember that a state school like UIUC considers itself primarily a research institution. Students are not the priority in the Engineering department, so be prepared to teach yourself a lot of the material on your own. The school usually sets pretty high standards on the exams, so you obviously need to go in knowing the material, but the professors aren't going to teach it to you that well.