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I'm a third year Banking and Finance student from a non-target University, and I want to transition into mathematical finance. My current undergraduate degree lacks rigour compared to Mathematics, Physics, Engineering etc. The most "rigorous" modules I have taken are Empirical Finance (Econometrics), Risk Management, Options and Futures. I am on track to get a first, 80+ in all of my modules, however I feel like a lack of maths is a serious weak point if I apply.

I'm interesting in the programs offered by Imperial, UCL, CASS, Nottingham,

What prerequisite topics should I cover to create a solid mathematical foundation?

I have noted:
  1. Matrix Algebra
  2. Linear Algebra
  3. ODE, PDE
  4. Optimisation
  5. Probability (negative binomial)
I already have a introduction to differentiation, integration, statistics.

Secondly, is it a waste of time if I am not applying to top universities I.e. Oxford, Cambridge, LSE? I feel as they wouldn't entertain me regardless of whether I have self studied.
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