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UK MFE Graduate Career Plans

Hi all,

I'm a maths undergraduate in the UK undertaking my MS in Mathematical Finance from 2021-22*. I have a data science internship this summer at a consultancy firm, but no other relevant work experience.

I'm conscious that despite my lack of finance-specific knowledge, I will need to begin applying to roles in September 2021. Currently I'm considering applying to 6-12 month off-cycle internships in addition to full-time roles, although I'm not sure of their usefulness as most employers who aren't recruiting graduates directly require more than a year of experience.

Due to my lack of connections/experience with quant firms, what kind of prospects will I have applying to London firms for full-time graduate roles?

*mid-tier Russel Group undergrad with 1st, MFE programme top ≈3/4 in UK.