UK Quant programs vs US quant programs advices

Hi, I am currently 3rd year student majoring in Economics and minoring in Operational Research at top university in Turkey. I have ranked 2nd in the university entrance exam nationwise and currently I am ranked as 2nd in terms of gpa in the department. I have done 2 internships one in the well-known bank in Turkey as risk management intern and one in my own university as teaching assistant to quantitative course. I have taken so many highly quantitative courses (3 semesters of calculus including Advanced calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Stochastic processes, 5 programming course (C , SQL and R), 2 semesters of probability + 2 semesters of Econometrics, Mathematical analysis and many Finance&Economics courses etc.). I have done Erasmus+ at top university in Spain and have one research paper (though, haven't been published yet), My GRE score is Quant 170 + Verbal 158, IELTS 7.5. I am planning to apply Oxford Mathematical And Computational Finance, LSE financial maths, Imperial MFE, and many other top MFE programs of US. Unfortunately, I will not be able to study if I wouldn't get scholarships. So, what do you guyz think of my chances of being admitted to the above programs. And also, any further advices? Also, do you think US mfe programs are superior compared to UK ones. Also consider that I will be only 20 years old when I apply to masters.

Thanks in advance