Undergrad major selection

E O Wilson

New Member
Greetings! I have been very interested in Financial Engineering for some time, and am planning on undertaking a second bachelor's degree this fall with the further goal of gaining admission into a quantitative finance master's program.

-The two degrees I have been leaning towards are either a BS in Physics or a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science.

The BS in Mathematics and Computer Science seems to me like it would be more appropriate for quant programs than a BS in pure math or an engineering BS in computer science, and would also provide more of a fall-back for other careers in case the quant route does not work out. I am more passionate about Physics, but the Math and Computer Science degree seems like it would provide a stronger background for moving forward. Do quant master's programs value an undergrad Physics degree as much as math/computer science/engineering? Are there any other undergrad degrees that would provide a much greater advantage?