Undergraduate major choice: is data science disadvantaged compared to statistics for MFE admission?


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I am an undergraduate student in an accredited Singapore university studying statistics and I just finished my freshman year. Recently I got an offer for a special academic program named 'data science and analytics' in my faculty, which is a multidisplinary undergrad major combining math+stats+cs. I'm hesitating for taking the offer for the following pros and cons in my mind:

1. more computer sci courses in the curriculum including machine learning etc. Since I plan to do a second major/minor in computer sci and there will be more overlaps between my primary major (data sci) and cs, I can overload less and have more time to do projects and internships.

2. more practical data-analytics courses and industry exposure, less way-too theoretical stats high level courses.

3. According to the freshgraduate salary survey, the data sci major seems to have better job prospects in Singapore. I don't want to completely throw away the idea of working in Singapore after I graduate considering the possibility that I am rejected by all of my dream programs (UCB mfe/CMU mscf/Columbia MFE/Baruch mfe) and the increasingly severe H1B policy.

1. The major name is a little bit buzzword-y. I am afraid I will be disadvanged compared to math/stats major when I apply to MFE program in US in the future. Even though I can still and I will take the necessary math/stats courses including ode/pde/stochastic process/numerical analysis/time series etc.

2. Interestingly in my uni 'data sci' major students are forbidden to have a minor in math/finantial math/stats (can still take the modules though).

Is the buzzword-y major name an issue I need to worry about? Any replies are appreciated:)


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would not recommend pursuing data science as an undergrad major, just major/minor in cs, math, stats, physics, and/or engineering and build up core quantitative skills