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Hello - I graduated 4 years ago from a Top 20 school. I began my career at a top bank (gs,ms) in Sales & Trading on the Sales side. After 2 years, I was an analyst at a small company that raised capital for MM PE funds. I was let go after 8 months and went into business development at a sell side boutique bank and focused on marketing the firm to hedge funds and PE funds. I was let go after 8 months. I am now having a very tough time explaining these jumps in my resume and I am considering going back to get a masters degree.

I am currently unemployed. I was originally planning on applying to business school this year, but do not believe this is possible due to being unemployed along with my jumpy resume.

I have begun to look at quantitative programs and specialized masters programs. I have always been interested in the quantitive side of the business, but my undergrad degree was not in a quantitative subject and I have been placed in sales/marketing/business development roles.

I do not currently have the prerequisites to apply into an MFE program (from both a math and computing perspective). I have thought about going back and completing the prerequisites but this would take a year or two as I only have up to Calc 3 as far as math classes go.

As an alternative, I have begun to look at MSF programs. However, I am worried that these programs are geared towards students with much less work experience than I have and after graduating, the roles seem more entry level. I also fear that it may be a red flag for employers that I went for the MSF 5 years out of undergrad as opposed to applying for an MBA program.

Any advice would be appreciated - from either a career perspective or education. Thank you.