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University of York & UOL SOAS

Hey ya'll,

I've just wrapped up my UG in Economics and am looking to do a Masters in QF. Currently thinking about the following programs:

For context, I've already landed a job at a tier-1 prop firm / mm / quant hf (deferred start) and am currently backpacking around Europe (I know...). I plan on continuing to travel (despite COVID) and that's why I'm looking at online programs.

The reason why I'm doing this is because I feel that I am woefully underqualified compared to my peers (who did UGs in Physics, Math, CS, etc). While I did do advanced econometrics in my UG studies, I would feel more comfortable having a stronger background there.

I also looked at Columbia's MSOR Online Program, but I really do not wish to pay 70K for a piece of paper especially as I've already landed a job.

Any thoughts?
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