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Unsure whether or not I fulfill the MFE Pre-req.


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Majoring In Finance and Minoring in CS.

Anyway, I've done the following courses so far:
1- Business Mathematics, which Included
  • Linear equations
  • Systems of linear equations: Two variable systems of equations, Gaussian elimination method, applications.
  • Mathematical functions
  • Mathematics of finance
  • Matrix algebra: Cramer’s rule and its applications.
  • Differentiation: Limits, continuity and their properties, average rate of change, the derivative, differentiation and its rules, instantaneous rate of change interpretation, higher order derivatives.
  • Optimization: Derivatives additional interpretations; increasing and decreasing functions, concavity and inflection points, identification of maximum and minimum.
  • Optimization: Applications of derivatives; revenue, cost, profit and other applications by using derivatives.
  • Linear Programming: introduction, simplex method

    2- Statistics I
    3- Statistics II (basically really advance stat, very sure I fulfill the stat Requirements)
    4- Econometrics
    5- Applied Time Series Finance
Do I fulfill the Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Calculus (Advanced), Applied Statistics requirements? Specifically the calculus one? Does it matter that I don't have a calculus course but I have a strong statistics background so it kinda makes up for it?

Thank youuuu for any responses!